Capturing the Moments that Matter Most

Capturing Sporting and Live Events  Videography & Photography

Capturing Your Wedding
Full DVD Video Production including Photography

Live Events- Recitals, Theatre
Ballets, Musicals & Plays Full DVD production

Street Art Image Capture
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Aerial Photography & Videos
Quadcopter, Helicopter or Airplane

Capturing an Image

Pointing and Clicking is easy.  Setting up the Image, the composition, the lighting, the framing, the essences of the moment, the beauty, the awe, the passion and the spirit is the goal I want to capture in every photo and video production.

Academie Protraits
Senior High School Photography

Stratton DV Imaging

Capturing and Producing Imagery with Photography and Videography since 2007. Located in the Greater Nashville Area we have clients all over the State and Counties including traveling for destnation shoots with Business, Corporate, Missions, Ministry and Individual production needs. Our production team can storyboard, script write, produce and direct in and out of Nashville. Complete Photography and Videography with Stratton DV Imaging.